Alpha video player for OF 9

I am trying to use ofxAlphavidoPlayer in OF 9 but not working ! Appreciate if having solution

I use ofxHapPlayer and it works!!! :DDD x

it depends on what system you are using. I believe ofVideoPlayer on windows should support alpha channels since the pixel depth if 32 bit. THe video players on of0.9 changed a lot because it no longer is built on top of quicktime, which if I remember alpha video player addon it uses quicktime.

I haven’t come across ofxAlphaVideoPlayer, but if you’re on OS X, I’ve had success with the following setups:

  • native 0.9 ofVideoPlayer (which uses AVFoundation when compiling in 64-bit) with ProRes 4444 video
  • ofxHapPlayer (which uses QuickTime and is only available in 32-bit) with Hap Alpha videos

You’ll need to make sure your source material is properly encoded with an alpha channel, of course :slight_smile:

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