Alpha video in 007

I know you used to be able to play alpha video it in 062 with the quicktime addon. I see that it’s present in 007 but I can’t figue out if it works or not. Are people still doing 2 videos where one is a mask and then using shaders to combine them or is there alpha video built in in 007? Either way, examples would be appreciated to the fullest. Thanks!

I haven’t seen an updated version of the classic ofxAlphaVideoPlayer, but if you’re on os x the QTKit based players will support the alpha channel in the animation codec:

I am actually using exactly that. Thanks homeboy, owe you a beer.

I will hold you to it! Who says open source doesn’t pay?? :wink:

Just a quick tip

If you on a mac, you can use FLV+alpha. Just install Perian. That way you can run larger videos at a smaller cost of the CPU

Here’s a Quick & Dirty port of OF-007 ofVideoPlayer to support alpha channel.
Use only with movies that you know has an alpha channel, or else unpredictable things may happen.
Just use ofVideoPlayer_alpha instead of ofVideoPlayer.
Tested on OSX 10.6.8
Enjoy :))

the PNG codec also supports alpha channel.
It should also work.
I’ll check it right now.
thanks for sharing this code.