Allied GigE camera

OK so I don’t know why my previous post has been deleted.
Anyway in case someone else is interested in using a GigE camera like the manta from Allied under linux with 0F0.7
I can post some code.

For some reason the ofxVideoGrabberProsilica crashed under Linux and OSX, and also under linux I Had a problem with PvApi.h with the Status variable thas is also declared in Xlib.h.
I ditched ofxVideoGrabberProsilica and used the well documented sdk straight into setup() update() etc…


![]( from 2013-01-16 11:48:27.png)

I also used the GigE SDK a year ago.
Got it working on Osx & Windows.

Don’t know how you implemented it but I did a memcopy in separate ofThread.

To bad I don’t use it anymore because its really nice hard and software.

i am trying to use an AVT GIGE camera on OS X with OF0.8.4.
back with OF 0.6.1 i got it working but that’s long ago.

may seeing how you used their sdk would help me along?