Age/gender identification based on vision

hey. OF provides an excellent example on face detection based on opencv. is there anybody going further, i.e. try to identify the human’s age or gender?

Age might be a bit difficult to decipher for computers, especially since it’s a pretty vague art for people as well… Gender, i’m afraid, might be even harder to do considering that there is a) no “standard” look for either gender as well as b) the differences in complexion are subtle enough to be missed by machines.

Personally I think the technology hasn’t flourished yet. Maybe with some computer learning and more advanced algorithms we’ll get to that point, just not now.

man, it’s fantastic!
it would be great if it’s open-source :smiley:

Link is broken now.

Well, also something not opencource or something like saas?

Hey, opencv has a way for doing such.
take a look here