Advise on approach for sound

Hi List,

I am setting up a project using sound on the raspberry using raspbian and OF. Usually I use ofxOmxPlayer for these problems (although its not a sound player but a video player) because it has hardware acceleration and runs sweetly. In this project I need panning though, which I can not do with ofxOmxPlayer (as far as I know).

I will need at least 3 sounds playing parallel. So my question is how to approach this.

  • Would you use standard soundPlayer? If yes: will it be running smoothly on a raspi 2 with 3 sound files stereo CD quality playing simultaneously, pan changes and the like
  • Is there maybe a better approach using different libs or add ons, hardware accelerated even?
  • What sound codec will be easiest for the pi/software?

Thank you for any hints!