Advice for Lion - Xcode 4 or 3

This is just a general question re workflow.
I’m currently hopping between a 10.6 machine and a new mac-mini with Lion.
I’m finding X-Code 4 a little bit baffling, and most likely will want to work on projects on both machines for a while yet. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts or opinions on whether or not its worth keeping on with 4, or if its better to get Xcode 3 installed, or even try to roll the machine back to 10.6

I am personally rolling back to 10.6/Xcode 3.2.6 today. I got stuff working but it has just not been worth it (will miss Airdrop but that is about it)

I’ve been on Xcode 3, but going to update. What’s so wrong with Xcode 4 that’s making you roll back/not want to upgrade.

Since Apple is going to stop support for Xcode 3 at some point, eventually won’t we all have to move on?

Xcode 4 was great for iOS Development but the slow (if any) C++ autocompletion is what sent me back. I’m not doing a whole lot of iOS development so I can wait.

First off, I found the layout so totally different that it was like starting out with a whole new software package. I need get productive quickly, and I felt like I couldn’t really afford the time needed to re-learn it. plus I’m working back and forth between 10.6 and 10.7 machines and I was seeing my project settings get messed up from working between versions.

I uninstalled Xcode 4, and rolled back to 3.26 (but stayed in 10.7). This solved my problems. I’m sure I will go back to 4 eventually, but not until 10.7 becomes more standard and when I have it on all my machines.

Thanks, sounds like good input. From my understanding though you’re supposed to be able to have both xcode 3 and xcode 4 installed at the same time. So shouldn’t it be possible to move between both of them if needed?