Advice for an installation


I have a simple question but i m looking for advice.

I’m doing a video projection onto a building and my computer is close to the projectors 160 mts( 525 feets) from the building and the sounds its just 10mts(32.8 feets) from the building.

My question is what is the best way to sync them, so the video and the sound its in perfect sync.


length of your video cable does not add significant latency, so this is not a factor. what adds latency is video processing devices in your signal paths (e.g. video mixers, signal converters) - a ballpark figure is that every non-simple device (i.e. most things more complicated than a simple splitter) will add about 1 frame of latency. more expensive/specialized hardware might even add no latency.
how are you transmitting? fiber optics? CAT5 balun? 160 is a bit long for VGA, and I think impossible for plain DVI.

Thanks @bilderbuchi for the response.
Like you said 160 is a bit long for a VGA and DVI can handle that distance, i asked for fiber optics but they said to expensive.

What i was thinking is to just run one computer just with the video close to the projectors and another computer with the sound close to the speakers. I ve done this before but both computers are in the same network. In this case i am not sure what to do.


I’m not entirely sure about your geometry anymore, but why do you think you’ll have audio/video desync? 160m sound cable don’t introduce latency, either. just position your speakers accordingly, and feed them a sound cable…

edit: what will introduce an audio/video desync for the audience is the travel distance of the sound waves from the speakers to the audience, due to the speed of sound (approx 330m/s) being slow, and video/light being near-instantaneous. so, just place your speakers close to the audience…