I have recently bought Joshua Noble’s book ‘Programming Interactivity’ and have got stuck. I am failing to add addons to my project. I am using code blocks as my IDE and have been trying to follow the tutorial Adding Addons from the OF Tutorial. It does not matter what I try I fail to get the little blue folder in the addons file as in the tutorial - I have managed to get a headers file underneath the libs file with addons inside that - but absolutely fail to get anything in the addons file.
Please help me - I have spent the last 4 hours trying to sort this but so far have failed

Hi, firstly are you on Windows or Linux?

I’m using windows

I think you’re having a problem with the virtual folders. Your code should still compile fine if you add the addon .cpp and .h files, it’s just that initially they won’t be arranged in the virtual folders like all the other examples are. If you like you can create virtual folders and then drag and drop files from the blue folders (where the files are initially imported) into the virtual folders.

Does that make any sense?