addons vs apps

What is the difference between something in addons vs apps?

I’m on xcode on OS X and I’ve noticed that in most of the addons there’s a file called install.xml. What is the purpose of this file?

Addons are collections of classes and libraries that wrap certain functionalities. In the XML file you can find instructions for including the addon in your project (files to include, libraries to link). If you have difficulties understanding the differences between a full applications and addons, maybe you could give a look to a few basic c++ tutorials, so you can take confidence with the language.

So am I correct in saying that the install.xml is as set of instructions for *humans*, not for your IDE?

Also, I’ve been trying to follow this:…-ing-addons

But the instructions for xcode is definitely out of date.

This is giving me more trouble than anything else I’ve encountered in openframeworks so far.

The reason I’m asking about this is because of this post:

I’m going on the assumption that I’m missing some ingredient in terms of paths to header files or linking that’s causing this EXC_BAD_ACCESS error.

I think the issues creating the barriers to entry are:
I’ve used C++ but that was a few years ago.
I’ve never used Xcode.
Figuring out where to set paths for headers and linking is not documented correctly in the openframeworks documentation.
I’m trying to use libraries I downloaded from the internet that I didn’t write myself.

Any one of those problems by itself is easy to solve, but all of them together makes it extremely difficult.

Of course, I could even be wrong about why it’s throwing the error.

Hey jfenwick,

Here-is-a-older-discussion around install.xml with a few good links to dive deeper into.

For addons I can usually get away with dragging the folder into XCode with the Default option.

“Non-Addon” libraries (just wrestled with zxing or a few days) are not as “drag and drop” as I would like them to be. Most of the wrangling I have had to do has to to with XCode and getting the Header Paths/Library Paths in the Build Settings correct.

I have yet to find a great reference to doing C++ development in XCode so often I end up finding a project that works and dig into the Build Settings and see how they are doing it.