addons update - r9 - fixes for ofxXmlSettings, ofxThread

how to update:
too update - please see this thread:

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I’m having crashes when trying out some multithreaded stuff - its probably my code but I found out about a critical update to ofxThread so wanted to check it out - but when I click on the link the only changes are very trivial:
if(threadRunning) return true; else return false;
is replaced by
return threadRunning;

and thats pretty much it.

This thread…-ultithread mentions that there is quite a critical update which fixes the locking behaviour… where can I find that update?

Hey - sorry the diff doesn’t work over the long term you can see the changes here:…-rev=9&sc=1

Have to fix that.

You should definitely upgrade with the latest ofAddons changes from svn though.

Also bare in mind that any openGL commands in an ofxThread (or any thread other than the testApp thread) will cause crashes as openGL is unable to run multi-threaded.


Hi theo, thanks for that, have updated with the latest everything from the SVN. I am getting slightly further now… .a few more console messages before I crash now :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t want to dilute this thread with my problem so my post is here…/813/2 any ideas welcome!

Hi all,
I use to work with Processing and now I’m trying to learn and play with OpenFrameworks, I have seen amazing works made with Of.
As a beginner I have some problems trying to run the xmlSettingsExample in Xcode project. I have read and also installed the core and addons latest fixes, but I have this errors in Xcode.

/OpenFrameworks V/apps/addonsExamples/xmlSettingsExample/…/…/…/addons/ofAddons.h:49:29: error: ofxXmlSettings.h: No such file or directory

/OpenFrameworks V/apps/addonsExamples/xmlSettingsExample/src/testApp.h:26: error: ‘ofxXmlSettings’ does not name a type

What should I do to fix it?
Thanks a lot for the help, and Of is amazing!

did you download the “FAT” package from the download page? what compiler / platform are you on? in the FAT package, we provide working addon examples that should compile straight off without problems… Is this the example that ships with OF or have you modified it?


can you post an image of your folder structure with all the folders expanded (in list view ) just to make sure your files are in the right place.

also try removing the space ( ’ ’ ) from “openFrameworks V/” so instead it is “openFrameworksV/”

xcode can be weird with spaces in path names.