| the central repository for ofx

Well it’s been a while but has gained some traction. The oF team (with the help of their dedicated and loyal interns :P) have put together a repository for storing addons pertaining to openFrameworks. The site allows full support of individual projects and versioning (CVS is not local and public, yet). Currently we house projects like ofxVectorMath, ofxPhysics, ofxFunnel, ofxFudicialFinder, ofxMSAPhyiscs, and even ofxShader. So drop by and request project hosting, we will always be happy to set you up and help you out.

hey dont forget ofxFiducialFinder :smiley:

i wanted to add it but felt too lazy to go check the spelling and exact name… lol… don’t worry, if people go to they won’t forget. :stuck_out_tongue: