AddOns install - not every addon provides addon folder

Hello everyone. I’m starting with C++ and OF, I would like to use some addons.
I see some addons provide a “addon” folder to copy in of folder, while some others don’t.
Do this mean they’re not addons but just demos of of builtin functionality?
I found them googling, they’re entitled:
but only 2 of them are to be copyed in the addons folder, why?
Will someone help me installing everything?

Also, I tryed the compile everything script but I see some exes are not created. Why?

There are a few different types of addons:

Official addons:
These are addons that are packaged with OF. They are popular features but aren’t part of the core functionality.

Community addons
A lot of them are listed at The structure varies as they are not maintained by the core developers so your best best is to make sure you read any instructions that may be provided. Unlike the official addons they may not work for every platform out of the box.

Your best bet is not to try to install all those addons at once but go through each one and post individual issues that you come up against.

Indeed, I found no instructions.
They’re all contributed, I just need to know (generally speaking) how to add them to the main source tree.

Wait, I think I figured out myself: addons are *not* to be statically built in OF, right?
They’re meant to be built (and included) on the fly as they’re needed, right?
If so, please ignore my question (but let me know).

If you are using an addon in your project it is compiled into the program. When you start out with something like emptyExample, no addons are compiled until you bring them into your project.

thanks, so i guessed right