Addons for Visual Studio 2012

Hello there,

I’m currently tinkering around with OF. I started with the emptyExample template and created some cool stuff which I’d like to keep. However, I’m trying to add ofxBullet stuff onto it but can’t figure out how to get Visual Studio to include it.

From one of the examples in ofxBullet, I notice it comes with an addons folder

I have copied the ofxBullet folder into OpenFrameworks/addons but when I try to include the ofxBullet.h in emptyExample, it can’t recognise it. Could anyone please help out?


the easiest way to create projects with addons is to use the project generator, if you already have some code you can later copy that code over to your new project which includes the addon. most of the time running the project generator pointing it to the path of an existing project also works as long as you include all the addons you are using again. updating a project is not very well tested, though, so if you are going to do it better make a backup of the original just in case

I had read the tutorial on project generator before but I completely forgot it even existed! Thanks, dood and I’ll keep that last part about updating in mind.