Addon libraries and Visual Studio

I’m a bit stuck with Visual Studio updates for OF 0.9 for an addon.

The addon includes built libraries and I have added x64 versions and updated the directory layout and VS project files using the Project Generator. I include debug and release libraries side by side, which worked for the addon in OF 0.8, and still seems to work for other addons (eg ofxKinect packages libusb-win32 like this).

Now when I build a debug build the linker tries the release library first and throws errors and gives up. If I build a release build it works fine, and I can build debug builds if I remove the release libraries and regenerate the project file.

Does anyone with more experience of VS have any suggestions? The addon with updates so far is at

can you look at ofxOpenCV and maybe doing it the way the folder are there:

(this is something we definitely should add to the config file but is not there yet)

relevant discussion:

Thanks - splitting into Debug/Release folders works. Mysterious that other addons seem to be able to have debug/release libraries side by side, but happy to have a solution.

I think that was the old way of doing it (we were parsing the names and looking for a “d” at the end, but this is the new way… I still feel like the config file will be the best and happy to take a look at down the line.