Addon for pretty game-menu GUI?

Hi to all!
Someone can advise me an addon to create a pretty game-menu GUI? I want to replace that default “ofxGui”.

Hey, take a look at DatGui:

Thanks, naero

I used ofxImGui (see but I would not recommend it because it’s designed for making quick debug GUIs, not pretty ones. It’s not flexible (you can’t freely align things and tweak the design) and the resulting code can be messy.

I’ve heard good things about using QT. In QtCreator you have GUI designer. But you would have to research how to integrate it with OF. I’ve read posts in the forum about people doing this lately.

I do wonder too how people create flashy animated interfaces for video games in C++.

Yeah, in fact. I agree. Thanks so much hamoid.

Hey, do you tried or have you seen any nice example of OF App + QT UI?
If QT is native vs OF OpenGL that means that using both together should have better performance?

Sorry, I haven’t tried nor tested the performance.