Addon examples problem


I have following problem. I try to get the addon ofxShadertoy working. When I compile any of the examples I get following error messages:

this list continues until it gives me these errors:

So I dont know, I think something is going terribly wrong here.
When I create a new project with the ofxShadertoy and load a shader, it actually works! Does anyone know why the examples do not work? I have been running in similar issues with other addon examples.
Any ideas?
Thank you very much!

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I think the Xcode files that are within the add-on repo may not suit your setup (Xcode version / deployment target / OF version)
You can try to use the projectGenerator to import the example, and then run press the update button.
Hopefully the projectGenerator will setup a suitable Xcode project for you.
And the errors you post are actually warnings, which you can consider to do something about, but I mostly ignore them when all works fine.
The red “!” are the actual errors / reasons why things don’t work.
Good luck

I tried one example, with my mentioned approach, and it didn’t compile at first, because the two lines in main.cpp

    settings.width = 1024;
    settings.height = 768;

I commented these, and then it worked.
OF 10.0.1 / OSX 10.13.3 / Xcode 9.4.1

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Thanks, that solved it :slight_smile: