Addon Error - ofxCvMain

I am trying to make a program that tracks colors and to do this I have added the ofxOpenCv addon…but when I include ofxCvMain.h from the src folder, I always get the error that no such file or directory exists…:slight_smile: I’m quite new in programming and it would be nice with some simple examples to look at when trying to do the job…


Generally speaking you have to make sure the include path is set in your IDE. Although probably the easiest way to get ofxOpenCv working is to start with the openCv example that comes with the FAT download.

Hope this helps,

Same problem here,

have you found the solution yet?
Getting exact the same errors :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!

So did you try the FAT download and duplicating the openCV project?

For example in the apps folder, create a new folder called “myTestInstallation” and copy the openCV demo into that folder, does it compile?