ADDON_DATA in not working

I’m implementing a small framework within oF, for creating, displaying, and handling visual effects. I want people to be able to develop their own effects to plug into the system, so therefore I want each of them to be contained within a single folder.

To make this happen, I need to be able to copy data (shaders, fonts, etc) from the relevant folders into the bin/data folder of projects that depend on my addon. I set ADDON_DATA = roses in my to accomplish this. It should cause something like cp -rf $(PROJECT_ADDONS_DATA) bin/data to be executed towards the end of the make process. (See lines 136, 154, 339 in However, when I get to those lines, $(PROJECT_ADDONS_DATA) is never defined.

It is defined (successfully) on line 113 in - I have made sure of this by adding these lines towards the end of the file:

$(foreach v, $(PROJECT_ADDONS_DATA),$(info $(v)))

Any help in figuring out, through this jungle of makefiles, why the value isn’t set where it is expected to be, would be greatly helpful.

Currently I’m suspecting that recursive calls to make don’t affect each others’ environments, and I’m not sure how to solve this. It’ surprising to me that a bug like this has never been encountered before (at least it doesn’t seem like it from all my searching.)

The Makefile structure (particularly around the addons) was recently redone in .8.0 - I would recommend that you file a bug on github as the authors will be more likely to see it.

Ah, thanks for the tip. Will do.

EDIT: I’ve posted it here, for future reference in case anyone has similar troubles.

does it work with ofPlugin? As a last resort you can write a command line script that lets user specify their project directory. I would actually prefer it that way than use project generator.

I don’t use XCode, so can’t try ofPlugin. I’m on linux so I just use the makefiles directly.