has no effect on Visual Studio 2017 project

When I create a new project with an addon on Visual Studio 2017, it doesn’t seem to read the settings from addon/ file.

It works fine on macOS with Xcode, but doesn’t seem to work on Windows with Visual Studio 2017.

I tried moving the settings from vs: to common: in but there was no difference.

Is there a way to check if the Visual Studio is properly reading the file when creating a new project?

that should work, you mean using the PG right? even using the vs wizard should work too

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PG worked but VS Wizard doesn’t seem to work.

And when I create a VS project with PG, only the first flag in ADDON_CFLAGS list is added to the VS project. Maybe it’s a bug. I will report this in the Github issue when I’m sure it is a bug.