being ignored (QtCreator and Ubuntu)

I’m attempting to configure an addon to work on Linux, and find is being ignored for QtCreator projects.

The first problem I hit is ADDON_INCLUDES_EXCLUDE being ignored - I’m not sure if other parts are ignored as that is an immediate block to building.

The addon is ofxHapPlayer - check out the libavformat branch and use the Project Generator on the example project. The problem also occurs on projects generated in apps/myApps.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a known problem?

when changing while the project is open in qtcreator, it won’t automatically pick the changes, you need to resave the qbs file otherwise it won’t parse the addon config again

Thanks for the reply. The problem occurs if I generate the project and open it without making any changes to

It appears that if you define ADDON_INCLUDES_EXCLUDE in common: and then add to it in a specific directive, it gets ignored, eg

    #exclude for all platforms
    ADDON_INCLUDES_EXCLUDE = libs/mylib/include/never

    #exclude for this platform only
    ADDON_INCLUDES_EXCLUDE += libs/mylib/%

doesn’t work

It seems that I am having the same problem on windows. Couldn’t compile ofxOSC addon. When moving the ADDON_INCLUDES_EXCLUDE line from “common” to “msys2” it was working.

Also I am wondering if file add all the ADDON_INCLUDES_EXCLUDE when there are several of it.

it should add all of them if you use += at least after the first one

I’ve opened an issue for this as it’s definitely a PG bug