addon app(computerVsion) error?

Hi, everyone, did anyone try to use computerVision which Zach sent us with recent mail?

actually, I tried to set up and compile once by the instruction and I rewrote “cv_devcpp_01 > cvDistribute > src” in the sources from original source in “movieGrabberExample”

however it shows error message.

I rewrote “cv_devcpp_01 > cvDistribute > src” in the sources. that’s it? you can see the error message.

have you tried to use it? Thx.

the reason, why it makes error, is that I had to include the file for “ofSerial.h” I thought most of thing are included.

sorry about really poor knowledge for c++ and basic programming. :wink:

anyway, thx for reading this.



I think that when you put in the include paths, you accidentally deleted this path, which is the last one:


there are two buttons, “Replace” and “Add” and I think you may have hit replace. All the paths by default are included, so it seems that in adding the ones for opencv, you may have replaced this one.

this path is necessary because ofMain includes ofSerial, so it needs to be able to look in the directory for ofSerial (communication)

can you add that path again (using the Add button) and see what happens?

we will add a tip about “add” vs “replace” to the explanation for cv


Thank you.
I didn’t know that. anyway, I will wait for what are “add” and “replace”. :slight_smile:

this is what I mean when I say add / replace:

if you click replace here, you will remove the “…/libs/openFrameworks/communication” folder while you add the “…/libs/openFrameworks/computerVision” folder, which I think caused your problem before.

if you click add, you will just add the “…/libs/openFrameworks/computerVision” folder to the bottom of the list

so choose “add” — we will add this to the documentation for installing the addon, because I think it’s a mistake that is very easily repeated :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!!

glad you like the example, more are on the way!! –

take care