addListener ("notify" method in POCO) in release mode crashes my app

I am having a problem using events in iOS in release mode, I have used events before without a problem…

If I compile my app in debug everything works perfectly, but when I change it to release mode I get no errors, but my application crashes when I try to add the listeners.

I am using Snow Leopard, xCode 4.2, ofiphone 007, iPad with iOS 5.0.1, and iPhone 4S iOS 5.0

    //App Callbacks  
    void enableAppEventCallbacks()  
        ofAddListener(ofEvents.update, this, &ofxLayerManager::onUpdate);  
        ofAddListener(ofEvents.draw, this, &ofxLayerManager::onDraw);  
        ofAddListener(ofEvents.exit, this, &ofxLayerManager::onExit);  

I tried using a dynamically allocated “ofxLayerManager”, but I am getting the same crash.

Then I did a quick test of the advancedEventsExample for iOS in release mode it also crashes…has anyone been able to fix this or is this a poco issue? Why does it work in debug and crash in release?

Anyone have any advise on this issue?


can you debug it and see where it crashes?

I’ve attached an image that show where it crashes.

![]( shot 2012-01-16 at 4.18.59 PM.png)

hmm im getting it too.
running advancedEventsExample in release mode on the device (iPhone4 - firmware 5.0.1 - xcode 4.2) causes the crash on first touch. anyone on a different iPhone model / xcode version getting the same?

I just tried the advancedEventsExample on my iPad 2 and iPhone 4S and they both seem fine in release mode. I’m using the OF github master branch if that helps. Which version are you using? I’m also on Xcode 4.2.1.

Thanks for the replies Seth, Julapy and Arturo!

I am going to try with the OF github master branch later today…I am currently using the “ios” download from:

Seth, I noticed your using Lion and a more updated version of xCode…maybe that is also playing a part…

Right, that could be. I’ve only used Xcode 4 on Lion, so I’m not sure about Snow Leopard. I’ve only used 3.2 on Snow Leopard.

Just forked the master version of OF from github and built & ran the AdvancedEventsExample, still got a crash in the same place where I got it before.

I’ll try upgrading to Lion later tonight and installing xCode 4.2.1 and see how things go…

Didn’t get a chance to upgrade to lion…it would be a pain for me right now…

Let me know if anyone notices anything unusual behavior regarding iOS, release mode, poco, events and crashing…

Just want to let everyone know, this is still an issue… I am using of0071 from github, the develop version. When trying to run an OF iOS app in release mode, the application crashes upon start up.

ive tried replicating this issue on xcode 4.5, LLVM 4.1 but not getting a crash.
which compiler are you using?
can anyone else replicate this?