Adding Zach's OpenAL wrapper

How do we add to my xcode project the Zach’s OpenAL wrapper? (I tried someway but I ran into errors)
How do we use it?

Ok, to add it you just have to copy files inside some folder in your project (i.e. “src” folder) and add it to yout xcode project just drag and dropping them in your project tree.

How to use Zach’s ofxALSoundPlayer is a big topic I think… nobody answers my questions about it :roll:

The common practice with sound is to create a single global variable which is shared in the whole code (someone refers to this as “singleton pattern”).

Well, I am trying to achieve this by creating a class (in my case SoundBox) managing n Zach’s ofxALSoundPlayer objects and creating a global instance of it.

Somewhere in my code (i.e. or I have

SoundBox* soundBox = new SoundBox();  

Somewhere else, where I should use the SoundBox I have

extern "C" SoundBox soundBox;  

This way should be theorically correct but seem to have big problems inside the OF environment.

Anyone had some similar problem???