Adding Syphon to ofxFlowtools demo

Trying to follow Nick Hardemans walkthru in adding Syphon to an empty project.

I can mostly follow along, a few discrepancies probably due to the version of Xcode I am using (6.3.2)

1st question
What does it mean when you have a successful build with no errors but NO binary executable is created?

I really need this to work. Mostly have given up using Spout in Windows since I seemed to run into a lot more issues.

Can any Syphon experts chime in? Should I upgrade to latest Xcode as a start?

Should I

1 start with an empty project or

2 create one using the project generator?


3 use the existing ofxSyphon xcode example-Basic or example_ServerDirectory as a template?

My goal is to add Syphon support to the ofxFlow tools demo but want to get comfortable first adding Syphon to a barebones project.

Any feedback greatly appreciated!!

ok have made progress following a different and better tutorial for novices like myself

Stumbling on something very basic however.

When I try compiling in xcode keep getting a missing file error

ofxSyphon.h not found

Yet I HAVE added it as per the tutorial, both to my addons and also added the Syphon framework.
(see attached)

Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong?

Any feedback appreciated!

ok problem solved. When I was first adding ofxSyphon to my addons, ‘Copy as group’ was not selected by default.