Adding QuartzCore / Appkit for using OSX Core Image Units?

I think this might be me being dumb with Xcode, but I’m trying to follow this example from 0.7.4:

And when I add in QuartzCore as suggested with OF0.8.0 it doesnt seem to link properly, or the headers aren’t linking to the right place. It also is saying"NSOpenGLPixelFormatAttribute" is an Unknown Type Name which is in AppKit which is standard in OF, so I’m not sure why that’s having trouble linking. I have also renamed my files to and

I’m just building these with the project generator, and then adding QuartzCore in my “Build Phases” and “Link Binary With Files”

I feel like I’m just missing some obscure build flag somewhere - anyone have any ideas? An ofxCoreImage with all the stock filters would be a great addon to have

Double check that the Objective-C++ source files properly define their type in the File Inspector as ‘Objective C++ Source’, when I gave it a look it seemed as though it was being overridden:

ah! That did it…I can build successfully now…awesome!

Now it’s just crashing on the GLFW window display loop with a bad access on glfwPollEvents();. Might try it with a Glut window, but I’ve heard it might be better to try with a cocoa window

Ah got it working with a glut window!

Now to just break out the list of CI filters and start making an addon that packages it all up with a blur.start() blur.end() and hueShift.start() hueShift.end() type of setup