Adding Poco net library to Android build

How to add Poco net library to android build? I tried commenting poco from exclusions in default android make file, but I’m getting some build errors like…

pthread.h:271:36: error: ‘sigset_t’ does not name a type
int pthread_sigmask(int how, const sigset_t *set, sigset_t *oset);

and a bunch of other errors saying stl stuff has not been declared, for example:
cstring:75:11: error: ‘::memchr’ has not been declared
using ::memchr;

What is the proper way to add poco net to Android build? Thanks.

what version of OF are you using? we already have poco net and netssl enabled in android

Hey, thanks for the info. I’m using v0.8.1 on a mac. If it’s already enabled then it must be something external. I’ve been seeing Eclipse CDT related bugs somewhat frequently. Is there a favored version of the CDT plugin that works best?

I got it working. I had some issue with namespaces. I’m still not able to display the JSON response as string using StreamCopier and ofLogNotice, but I’m getting status 200, so the connection and request seem to be working. Thanks for your help.