Adding openframeworks as a framework to xcode


i have been trying to do this for sometime

i am trying to find a way of importing openFrameworks as a framework. My project already has OpenCV.framework in it with the logo of a briefcase. However when trying to do this with openFramework it is displayed as a normal folder and then something like 900 build errors occur when i try to build.

All i really want is a serial output port for my project to send some form of bytes to a Atmel 168 chip when i press a button on the keyboard for now. I have been advised to import the entire openframeworks in case i need anything else.

any ideas?

although the name is suggestive, OF is not packaged as a OSX “framework”

you can use OF normally, ie, copy or alter an OF example, and work from that. We ship with a serial example (that sends and receives bytes) as well as an opencv example in the fat package.

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i have tried including some of the header files however when i type

#include <ofSerial.h>

i get build errors saying that_ ofSerial.h: no such file or directory_

this sounds silly, but did you include the files?

again, you will have much better luck using the OF projects that come in the downloads:

where we do the work of making OF work for xcode and provide a variety of projects.

also, you might want to try using “” not <>, as <> is reserved for system level includes.

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i have tried putting the files in the same directory as the open cv stuff and still not working

i have also tried adding my project to an existing openframeworks example and this does not work either.

running out of ideas

maybe you want to post some code ? it’s still not entirely clear what you are trying to do, or why you are going about merging in this way. we work SUPER hard to get OF apps to compile. Open up any example, like serial and opencv and we’ve gotten all the links and include paths right. I think you are hitting walls, because you trying to merge multiple approaches together. Better to see if your ideas fit into the OF framework, or how you might use or extend the code we provide. that’s not to say we don’t support mixing, but it’s alot harder for us to understand what’s going on over on your end…

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ok all i need to do is to send a set of values which are given by my programme, out of the mac usb port and into a chip. thats the first step. and i would check that these values are getting there by using a small lcd screen which is all plugged up. this should be quite simple. can i send values out of the port using xcode? or is this something that the chip does by itself when programmed?

after that i can use PWM to control motors out of the chip.

volt_x = ((0.7 * center.x) / current_frame->width) + 2.2;
// this uses y=mx+c to use the x and y coordinates which translate to the voltages
// needed to move the rig
volt_y = ((0.7 * center.y) / current_frame->height) + 2.2;

cout << “(” << center.x << “,” << center.y << “)” << ": " << volt_x << “V” << “,” << volt_y << “V” << endl;
// stream x and y coordinates and corresponding voltages to console debugger
radius = cvRound((r->width + r->height)*0.25*scale);
cvCircle (current_frame, center, radius, CV_RGB(0,255,0), 3, 8, 0 );_

this is the code which gives the values i need to send

the project is creating a face tracking camera rig with motors

the rig is built and i have the face tracking software with my own additions including this code i just need to get the two to meet via a serial port