Adding ofxFaceTracker Addon / Can't find .h

I work with Linux and added the ofxCv and ofxFaceTracker folders to the addon folder.

I usually compile via make and don’t work with CodeBlocks. Unfortunately I get a “src/testApp.h:4:19: fatal error: ofxCv.h: No such file or directory”.

What else do I have to change to get this working?

Thanks in advance :-*

i think the ofxCv structure has changed since last time arturo had a chance to get ofxFaceTracker running on linux. right now it’s inside ofxCv/libs/ofxCv/, with ofxCv.h inside ofxCv/src/ofxCv.h

Tracker.h is a bit weird, because jason has a Tracker.h and i have a Tracker.h. i’m including mine with “ofxCv/Tracker.h”, but jason includes his with just “Tracker.h”, so it can get confused. you could try renaming jason’s or mine, and changing the include.

have you added the addons to the addons.make file?