Adding ofxCv to project get error > ofxCv/Flow.h file not found

Trying to add ofxCv to an existing project in Xcode.
Simply dragging the ofxCv folder in my addons to the addons directory in Xcode and making sure I select the proper target in the popup.

When I try compiling get the following error in Flow.cpp on the following line

//#include “ofxCv/Flow.h”

’ofxCv/Flow.h’ file not found

Can anyone suggest what I am missing?

The path to Flow.cpp is
addons > ofxCv > libs > ofxCv > src > Flow.cpp

The path to Flow.h is
addons > ofxCv > libs > ofxCv > include > ofxCv > Flow.h

You’ll need to use the project generator or manually include the add-on in the header search paths. Dragging it in directly without adding the correct entries to the header search paths won’t work.

Yeah, tried that and was still getting link errors to opencv. This is even after modifying my header paths as per the instructions on the ofxCv github page.

Ended up using one of the working ofxCv examples as a template, and merging my other code to this template.