Adding ofxAccelerometer to a project?

I’m trying to get the sample project for ofxMobileKeyboard to build in AndroidStudio on Windows.

I put ofxMobileKeyboard in the addons folder. When I try to Import the sample project using OF’s Project Generator, it detects ofxMobileKeyboard, but it warns that I am “attempting to update a project that is missing […] ofxAndroid.ofxAccelerometer”.

Project Generator doesn’t list ofxAccelerometer as an addon.

Looking in the addons folder, I see ofxAccelerometer is there, though it does not have a file like some other addons that do appear in Project Generator, but I have found no explanations of what the requirements are really supposed to be.

Has ofxAccelerometer changed since that example program was written? Does ofxAccelerometer need an file?

Any advice?

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I’m having the same issue right now.

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