Adding new files to an addon

Hello, I’m writing an addon(here called “myAddon”) and I’m also testing it in one application locally. Everything worked fine except when I’ve added a new class to the addon. Here a short recap of what I’ve done:

  • I’ve added the class as I do normally, right click with in xcode on the src folder and I’ve added the 2 files, header an implementation class.
  • In the addon project folder I’ve also a testApp, I’ve added the new class to the target “testApp”, and everything worked as expected.

In another app, called “drawApp”, I’m using the same addon, and now I receive the error ‘file not found’ for the class that I’ve just added.

With the project generator, I;ve imported the app “drawApp”, I’ve removed the addon “myAddon” and then I’ve re-added it, hoping that the project generator would have fixed it, but it didn’t.

Do someone have some suggestion?

if the file is in the src folder for the addon that should work, check that xcode hasn’t created the class somewhere else

Thanks, you are right, the file was created in the app, not in the /src folder of the addon. To resolve I’ve done the following:

  1. I’ve removed the file in xcode (not only the references, but completely)
    2)I’ve closed xcode and I’ve added the class with a text editor
  2. I’ve updated the project using the project generator, removing the addon and re-adding it