Adding new class file at Visual Studio project

I am using Visual Studio 2015 at Windows10 Pro.
When I add new class to the project, the files(cpp and h file) are created at the project folder,
but I want those files to be created on the ‘bin’ folder.

This is how I am doing, but Is there an easier way to create new class file on the directory I want?

  1. On the solution Explorer of the VS, ‘right-button-click’ on folder ‘src’, and then “add” >> “new Item”
  2. add class. (class file is created)
  3. delete class from the project. .
  4. and then cut&paste the class file in the ‘bin’ folder.
  5. drag&drop the class file to the VS solution explorer.

I simply create the files where I want them on my disc via Explorer and then just drag them into the solution. I don’t know though if you use some template system to “create the class” (your step 2). I usually just write the new class code myself with include guards or copy a samish class and just rename both files at once (select both and press F2) to new class name for the two files (Explorer keeps the correct extensions, .cpp and .h).

It is a better way. Thank you!