Adding files to search paths in VS2015 - ofxTobiiEyeX

For a project I need to use Windows and the ofxTobiiEyeX library.

Being totally new to Windows and Visual Studio 2015 I am a bit clueless as to how to include files to search paths which I am suppose to, according to the readme of ofxTobiiEyeX:

Add this addon to your VC project. Include files libs/TobiiEyeXSdk/include to search paths, and add library libs/TobiiEyeXSdk/lib/(x64 or x86)/Tobii.EyeX.Cliend.lib.

I am also not sure what is meant by “and add library libs/TobiiEyeXSdk/lib/(x64 or x86)/Tobii.EyeX.Cliend.lib.”. Someone has an idea about how to do that / where and how to add it?

Any help much appreciated :slight_smile: