Adding an additionnal addon to a project


I’ve copy/pasted one of the examples, worked on there, it compiled fine, and now, but now i also want my program to use ofxXMLsettings so i tried simply adding :
#include “ofxXMLsetting.h”
But it does not work. I also tried adding existing items to the add-ons category, placing them exactly like they are foldered (libs/src) but it still won’t compile.

I know there is an “allAddonsExample” but i was wondering if there was an easier way to add the Addon without having to transfer all my work.

Thanks in advance.

Okay so here is how i solved the problem :
I added the path to the projects links
I added the source code (via add existing file to project)

Basicly you have to do both in order for the add-ons to work correctly, i heard on mac xcode does it automaticaly, on VS you need to do both!