Adding addons via the IDE

I’m new to oF & CodeBlocks. I’ve tried to add my first addon, in this case ofxOsc, via CodeBlocks. I followed these-instructions (but have also looked at this).

When I follow the instructions (precisely) on a fresh emptyExample project, it doesn’t compile. I notice that if I try to ‘Add files recursively…’ as suggested, it does this:


Whereas in oscSenderExample it looks like this:


No Headers or Sources folders… I also notice that if I simply edit the .cbp file XML, it works. Do CodeBlocks users really have to edit the .cbp file directly each time they want to use an addon? Or am I missing something here?

I found the answer in this sticky:,-include-paths–addons-in-cb/3090/0

I think this information could be really useful in the help files, not just the forum.