Adding addons manually

Really feel like nothing is working for me today.
Need to simply merge 2 projects, say Project A and Project B.

As a first step I want to add addons used in Project B to Project A.

I’ve tried the manual method in the official setup page following directions exactly.

but keep getting either ‘src folder already exists’ or an obscure ‘multiple errors’ popup in xcode.

Is Project Generator the way to go with 0.9 for adding new addons (ie import first and include missing addons) ?

yes if you want to add addons the best way to do it is to use the project generator. the instructions in the xcode setup guide are slightly outdated

Thanks. What seemed to work for me manually was
1- select the Parent folder for the addons, NOT the src and libs child folders
2- once added, delete EVERYTHING except the src and libs folder for that addon

3- add any missing header search paths