Add subview to MyGuiView

Hi all,

I was trying and seens that if you add a second view in MyGuiView.XIB, it is impossible to register to “File Owner’s”. Any idea why happen this?
I would like to have several subviews in MyGuiView.XIB and load them like objective-c usual:

[self.view addSubview:mySubviewName];  

Thanks to all OF community.



I found myself the error. This error should be fix from MyGuiView example from Iphone in Github. The error is that file Owner is linked to a wrong class name: “MyMusicView”. And this should be linked to “MyGuiView”. It is a small error but for people with not too many experience with Interface builder can be problematic. I attach image about it.

I also post an example with how to change between two subviews:


thanks for this. looks like a nice example.

I just see it is still wrong in OF7 example of the “iPhoneGuiExample”. It is little thing, but If you not so experience with interface builder can be hard to find the error.

you should open a bug report in the github repo:

Good suggestion. I did already: