Add OpenFrameworks to an exisiting solution

I’m not sure if this topic should go under the ‘extend’ category so forgive me if it’s in the wrong place.

I’m hoping to hack together Unreal Engine & OpenFrameworks so that I can leverage some of the functionality in the addons and access it directly from within UE (and also just to see if it can be done and what kind of things I can create)

I know how to add 3rd party libraries to UE4 and could just go down the route of using those, but as I say I would like to see if this is possible and am using it as a learning curve to understand the underlying frameworks and how to link, compile, fix the errors that arise in this black art, etc.

It’s obviously a piece of cake to create a new OF project using the plugin (I’m using VS2015 btw) but not straightforward to create a solution from scratch and configure it manually to compile and run an OF project.
I think if I could get that going I could integrate it into my UE project (I may be wrong about that!)

Does anyone have any pointers?
Or could point me towards a resource that helps explain how to configure an existing VC++ project to compile and run OF?

I have tried to piece it together myself by looking at and copying settings from an exisiting solution but I’m hoping there’s some documentation out there that I haven’t come across?

Any advice (either on how to do this or reasons why it can’t be done) would be gratefully received.


Maybe I should re-word this cause it’s maybe not obvious what I want…

Is it possible to setup an OF project from scratch in Visual Studio? (i.e. without using the plugin to automate the settings, includes etc)
If so, is it documented anywhere?



I have worked with both, UE4 and OF.

If you have some knowledge of Visual Studio and know how to add include paths and link libraries, it shouldn’t be too hard to get an OF project up and running.

That said, what is it exactly you are trying to archive? I wouldn’t count on bringing them together. Both are you huge libraries that often are trying to solve the same problems with very different philosophies. It might be easier to just port parts of addons to UE4 instead of trying to bring the whole openframeworks “experience” over.

Also depending on what you need, there are often libraries around that are also easy to use and can be embedded.

Cool - I’m getting there and kinda using this as a job to learn a bit more. Its been on ice for a few days but I’ll get back in and figure it, it was just to see if there was any documentation to fast-track me.

I’m not 100% sure what I’m trying to do with it yet :slight_smile: and whether combining both into one application might not be the way to go at all (as you say everything should be achievable using separate dedicated libraries and remove the complexity). Having said that - I think my idea was to use UE for its graphical feature set (complex materials, built in cinematic and vfx etc) and to use OF almost as an interface for controlling that UE world - whether that be through a UI window, MIDI controller, extra hardware and sensors etc.

I’ve been controlling UE from OF via OSC up until now and that works, I suppose I was just looking for a way of combining the both into a single compilation/application but wasn’t sure whether it’s possible or the walls I might run into.

Probably better to start with the goal and work backwards. I don’t actually need to do this (OSC has worked until now and I can probably port addons into the UE app easier).


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