Add-ons including files from myApps/someApp

Hi all,

A recent merge with master, and some of our add-ons that include files from our primary android app are failing, complaining the file in question cannot be found.

I am wondering if this is some recent intentional change, or maybe I’ve messed something up on my end…

I would move this question to the android section, including the original error message.

@edapx thanks – I just tried the androidEmptyExample with a similar test case, and there was no issue including app files from an add-on. My project is running off the same base, so likely some project specific setting that has gotten screwed up (or didn’t merge right).

Appreciate your help – this is entirely on my end it seems.

You should check the commit that went merged form master to your branch. I know for sure that recently there was something regarding the configuration of the android projects.

Anyway, usually I’ve 2 different OF folders, one with the current master branch, and one with the current release, in the latter I build the applications. If i want to migrate an app to a newest release, i download the release, i create the new project with the projectGenerator and then I import the files from the project contained in the old release to the new one.
With this workflow I can pull from master without screwing up the apps.

Probably the fastest solution is:

  • Use the androidEmptyExample as template, and import there the addons that you need
  • Add the classes from the old project to the newly created one

Thanks again @edapx, Going with the latter suggestion.