Add-ons are not detected while using Qt on Fedora 33

Hi there,

For a project I have using ‘ofxTwitter’, the add-ons are not working. They are not detected while I am placed them in the ‘addons’ folder of OF root.

If I add them directly, as I learnt through the tutorial, it still gives me an error that some of the variables are undeclared.

I have provided screenshots below.

I cannot use the project generator as I have an error while using it.

Here is my other post I made.


Hi Tom,

I just realized that the QT Creator wizard doesn’t pick up non core addons to show in that screen ( the text on that screen also implies the same ).

I think the PG is the way to go, but I see you are having issues with the PG - I don’t have a linux machine handy right now, but will see if I can replicate on mac.