Add ofxQt to OFW

Hey guys,

Can you guide me which version of qt5 should I install to use it with OFW through windows Visual Studio? I proved some versions but always i have a lot of errors

Hi. You dont need qt to use OF on Visual studio. Which version of VS are you using?

Thanks for the answer but I want to use Qt widgets in ofw there is an Addon that’s called ofxQt but just two Examples can be execute after following the instruction of building a ofw project and set it to use ofxQt. Can you guide me please

Hi, that addon seems quite old. If you are able to build some examples then that is the way to go, but maybe the other examples are not building because something might have become deprecated or removed. I think that the best is to ask @Jordi who made that addon

Hello Ali and Roy,

Yes the addon was done a while ago and it did work well (with Qt4.3 if I remember well). but I don’t think the Qt version should be the problem. Maybe something else. There was a Visual Studio plugin for Qt that was helping build all the qt interface files, I think it is this one:
But I guess I was using an older version.

Ali could you please try it and let us know if any version works for you?

At the moment I do not have a Windows machine to try it out. Sorry about that.

Best of “luck”,

Hi everyone, thank you for this conversation, I am so beginner coding and writing english! I had same problem as Ali and I added three vesions Jordi mentioned here and it is working. great and beautiful. I can’t figure out which one exactly. thank you so much. :innocent: :upside_down_face: