Add Element to .plist list from Project Generator


Is there a way to add an element to the .plist from the project generator?

‘High Resolution Capable’ for macOS for example?

Hi @pierre_tardif00
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As far as I know, there is no such thing, yet, you can modify the template that the Project Generator uses and add the High Resolution field. It will make all your projects Hi res but this might be what you want. If you are using a screen that it is not retina then this does not take effect. you can use ofGetCurrentWindow()->getPixelScreenCoordScale() to determine if the screen is retina or not. if the returned value is one then it is not retina, if it is 2 then it is.

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Yes still in London! All good so far, summer time in Europe has been sweet…

Ok cool, will check it out, thanks!!

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