Add addons in Visual Studio


How can I use an addon file like “ofxCairo” or “ofxFenster” … etc.
I’m using v062 on visual studio 2010.


Typically, check the example provided with the addon.
For ofxFenster, it says in the readme “It is an addon for openframeworks 0.07”, so your first step is to upgrade to 007.

hi bilderbuchi,

thanks for the reply. my question is general , ie. how can I link it or do i need to copy parts of it to a specific path.

my graphics card is old and can work with up to openGL 1.4 and v062.


well, normally you take the example provided with the addon, it mostly contains a project file. if not, you add the respective addon’s directory to your project, and the files in it to the search directories of your compiler. no idea how that specifically works in VS, though - on linux and 007 it’s easy, just put the name of the addon into addons.make. :stuck_out_tongue: