Add addon in qt creator

I use qt creator, and I add addons like ofxsyphon.
Therefore, I wrote
of.addons: [
in .qbs file.
But Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64 occurred.
Is it ok only to write in .qbs file?
or do I need more than this ?

That should be enough but it might be that, that addon is somehow special (if i remember well it contains a framework) and qtcreator doesn’t know how to parse it properly so you might need to add the framework manually.

If that’s the problem could you open an issue on github?

Thanks for your responding, but I’m not good at English…
What does it mean “If that’s the problem could you open an issue on github?”?

I’m sorry
I understood.

Sorry to dig this up, I figured out a nice solution to compiling ofxSyphon with QtCreator.

The problem here is that ofxSyphon includes Syphon.framework as a local Framework (not in /System/Library/Frameworks/).
The oF .qbs scripts don’t “wrap” framework search paths as it does for of.frameworks, but you can set it via cpp.frameworkPaths.
Then you also need to include all the .mm files that aren’t detected automatically.
Everything is summed up in this piece of code.