Actor and Technology

I’m starting to collect some examples (photos, videos, articles) of merge between acting and technology
Do you have guys some of your works or findings to share ?

My intend is to share it with some theatre students, and try with them some interactions between actor and technology based on Matei Vișniec texts, first like in a laboratory, and finally some pieces could be showed for their end-of-the-year presentation.

Sounds interesting! But could you elaborate on what kind of merge you’re looking for? Is it related to motion capture for CGI, or maybe something coreographed like this?

Interesting video, thanks for sharing.
I’m looking for anything that could be fun, creative, sensitive, interactive and that could let the focus on playing, acting, and also text.
It could be video, sound, lights, motors, sensors, and could be quite simple.

It should serve the actor, playing, acting, the text, not being the subject.

From this point of vue, this video is more dancing than acting, and too much based on aesthetic visuals.

hi @telaron

take a look at this :slight_smile:

we did that around 10 years ago with an actor, basically it was a real-time audiovisual engine, where we could capture and remix live feed from camera and mics … it was so fun.