active stereo 3d (shutter glasses)

Hi All,

I’m about to start a project using active stereo vision. Until now I just succeeded with Blender and the nvidia 3d vision kit with a 3d ready projector (on windows). more info here:

Now I would like to have a similar setup:
3d ready projector or screen (120Hz)
Nvidia 3d vision kit
Quadro graphics card
Running on OF ( probably + OSG)…

Future experiments:
Any idea about running the same on a Mac?? note that is hard to have quadro cards there
Any chances to have 3d on a standard Nvidia card using pageflip? how could it be syncronized with the glasses?

I would like to know if anyone has done something close to this, I can’t find any post here about shutter glasses… so any experiences or thoughts are superwelcome :slight_smile:


I was also wondering if anyone has had experience with this. I have only been successful with Phillips WOW3D and unsuccessful with Magnetics3D. But both of these systems are autostereo not glasses