ACM Multimedia 2011 Interactive Art Call for Works

Interactive Art
ACM Multimedia 2011

Materials needed September 1, 2011

The ACM Multimedia 2011 conference, which will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona
from November 28th to December 1st 2011, is seeking entries for its Interactive
Art Exhibit. In this year’s exhibit we are showing interactive or responsive
screen based works that align with one or more of the major content areas of the
conference (see below). We’re looking for works that actively engage the viewers
in real-time with images, sounds, interactions that may range from didactic to
highly abstract. The work should however provide some kind of additional
viewpoint or outlook on the conference content areas, and do so by providing an
interactive experience for researchers in attendance.

Please pick one or more of these conference themes that align with your work:

  1. Multi-Modal Integration and Understanding in The Imperfect World
  2. Media Analysis and Search
  3. Scalability
  4. Multimedia Systems
  5. Media Transport and Sharing
  6. Multimedia Security
  7. Media Authoring
  8. Location-based and Mobile Multimedia
  9. Social Interaction
  10. Education

While not required, we preferworks that can run entirely on one of our
“interaction stations” which include a computer, display, and various
input devices. This greatly simplifies the process of transporting your work
to the conference. Selected artists will be invited to present at the conference.
Attendance is strongly encouraged but not required. We have created “Interaction
Stations” which consist of:
• Mac Mini (Can boot natively into MacOS, Windows, Linux)
• 42 inch 1080p screen with a native resolution of 1920x1080, mounted
at roughly head height
• A color webcam or a kinect camera mounted above towards the viewers
• WiFi internet access
• Optional high quality microphone and speakers or headphones

Interactive work, which runs on our interaction stations, could
potentially consist of max patches, processing sketches, openframeworks
software, or any custom software. Screen based works that are non-interactive,
(still images, sound work, single channel video) will also be considered. For
sound and video work, headphones can be provided for viewers.

How To Apply:
Email the following materials to

Deadline - September 1, 2011

  1. A description of the work max 500 words.
  2. 4 screenshots of the work (or if the proposed work is not yet
    completed, 4 images of other relatedwork)
  3. A short Bio of the artist or artists
  4. A CV for the artist or artists For questions and clarifications,
    please contact the Interactive Art Exhibit chairs: David Tinapple (david.tinapple at
    Todd Ingalls (TestCase at