achieving 125fps with the ps3eye in ubuntu. Is it possible??

Hello everyone, Im trying to get the ps3 eye to capture at 125fps @ 320x240 in ubuntu but I can only seem to get 100 fps even though it actually CAN go at 125fps if I use guvcview. 60, 75 and 100 fps work fine, but if I do ps3eye.setDesiredFrameRate(125); I get what appears to be a gstreamer error and the camera simply doesnt start.
Im using ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit with the latest drivers and what not and ofx version 0.8.0 running on a PC (dont really remember the specs, but its an entry level pc I bought a couple of months ago, its supposed to be windows 8 ready… I’ll post the specs if thats really necessary, just ask) and also Im running the same version of ubuntu in parallels desktop 8 on a 2012 13 inch macbook pro and I get the exact same results on both machines.

not sure if this thread should go here or in the begginers section :-S though.