Accessing gyroscope sensor in android natively

I’m trying to access android sensors using NDK along with using open frameworks. I included:

#include <jni.h>
#include <android/sensor.h>
#include <android/looper.h>

but I have compilation error on each line that uses function from those headers such as:


It looks like linker cannot find those libraries. I have to admit at in ADT all those headers have warning:

unresolved inclusion: xxx.h

but I read somewhere this is an ADT bug because I have the same warning on oF addons and they compile fine. So I guess the problem is that linker cannot find android/sensors and android/looper libraries. I don’t know that much about internals of oF so I’m stuck how to fix it. Any tips are welcomed.

PS. Would be nice to have gyroscope, magnetic, proximity sensors integrated into oF.