Access violation reading location 0x00000014

Hello All,
I am new to openframeworks, when I am trying to run an example provided by Openframeworks for Visual studio 2017, I am getting below mention error.

Exception thrown at 0x021110F2 in mySketch_debug.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000014.

I tried to run this example “of_v0.10.0_vs2017_release\examples\sound\soundPlayerExample”

I have installed the openframeworks plugin in VS 2017 as well.

Please guide me how i can fix it.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi. Can you run any other example?

I’m getting this same error. Has anyone found a fix? To create it, I just copied the emptyExample to a new project called “firstProject”. Then I open it up in Visual Studio 2017. When I compile and debug, I get an access violation in ofAppGLFWWindow.cpp:

bool ofAppGLFWWindow::getWindowShouldClose(){
return glfwWindowShouldClose(windowP);

Thanks for your help in advance!

All I can offer is that getting those errors from basic examples is not something I’ve ever run into, so something is weird about your setup if you’re getting that with an example project.

dont copy the empty example. Use the project generator.

Thanks for your inputs guys. I haven’t fully tested it out, but I think the problem is that I’m running Windows on a VM. So, probably there isn’t the hardware acceleration needed (or something like that.). I’m going to switch to a real machine next and double check it, but I’ll bet that’s the problem.

Hi, I was experiencing this same type of warnings and examples weren’t compiling. Ended up downloading the latest drivers for my system graphics and it solved the issue. Hope this can help.

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